Singapore Cricket Club

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Our experience working with #TeamShrey has been a superb one. Having worked closely with Shrey across the four years passed, reference Clothing at the Kowloon Cricket Club in Hong Kong and Bags & Helmets at the Singapore Cricket Club, #TeamShrey have consistently met the highest of operational standards. It goes without question that the quality of all such Shrey products are built to a world-class standard. Additionally and in my personal opinion, significantly more importantly, on the odd occasion where a teething issue has presented be that with Shipping, Logistics or the occasional blow-out to a bag (which happens cross-market), the customer service and intent to assist/support/help fix on the end of Shrey Sports has been a defining (and brilliant) component, when pitched against competitors. This willingness to help and support, this ability to problem solve and always ensure the customer is positioned at the forefront of the relationship, has been integral to the building of a brilliant relationship that would span the years. We would not hesitate to recommend Shrey Sports for your Clothing, Kit Bag and Helmet needs. Thank you #TeamShrey, we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship!- Director of Singapore Cricket Club”

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